27 Nov

Experience the harp up close and personal!

Over the past years, I have enjoyed presenting the harp in private concerts to families, companies, rotaries, etc.
A private concert can take place in your home, at an event location, a museum, a restaurant, etc. It can be presented as a whole like a regular concert, or in smaller chunks (of e.g. 15 minutes) in between dinner courses or other activities. 
Count on seeing at least 2 different harps, and of course a bit of jazz and blues will always be included. For private concerts, I like to present the harp from prehistory to present. As I wrote in a Facebook update once:

"Nice when gigs include publicly making bow-and-arrows with the great-grand-son, sitting around an imaginary Scottish campfire with the kids and a lap harp, making teenagers count the pedal changes in the 1st movement of the Pescetti sonata, and give the grown ups their share of technicalities, classical music, jazz ánd blues."

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