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Digging deep, climbing high...

What if you play the harp (not the harmonica..), and you love the blues? You give in and buy a guitar... or you bend over backwards and do it on a harp!
Brenda got herself a solid body electric harp and found a guitar teacher willing to explore the blues-ness of the harp with her. Several years later, she moved to London where she is currently upping her game in the midst of blues piano players. Exploring a righteous function and place for the harp in blues (and americana) is her quest for this decade.
It turns out that the equipment is an issue, and she made a true technical research project out of trying to improve the harp's bending possibilities and to get the right sound. That is still ongoing, but both the blues idiom and the combination of major and minor chords and scales appear to suit the lever harp quite well!

Apart from all that theory: it just a blast!

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Published in Selected Styles
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