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The harp is a great addition to the traditional selection of instruments involved in jazz. One of Brenda's main goals as a harpist is to get this point across both by playing and by spreading the word.

Together with Sabine Meijers, she has founded the International Jazz Harp Foundation, with the aim to promote, further develop and advance education of jazz harp worldwide.

As a player, Brenda is a 'retro' lover, meaning that she likes to look a bit further back, towards swing, rag time, and other rather traditional forms of jazz. Check out this Soundcloud playlist to hear some of her recordings.
The harp is sometimes functioning like a piano, sometimes more like a guitar. For Brenda, this translates into the following ensemble options:

harp solo
harp & violin
harp, bass & drums
harp, bass, violin & drums
harp & voice
harp duo


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Published in Selected Styles
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