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The harp is a great addition to the traditional selection of instruments involved in jazz. One of Brenda's main goals as a harpist is to get this point across both by playing and by spreading the word. Together with Sabine Meijers, she has founded the International Jazz Harp Foundation, with the ...
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Digging deep, climbing high... What if you play the harp (not the harmonica..), and you love the blues? You give in and buy a guitar... or you bend over backwards and do it on a harp! Brenda got herself a solid body electric harp and found a guitar teacher willing to explore the blues-ness of the ...
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Driven by the urge for a direct and honest connection with her instrument ànd her audience, Brenda started to explore the possibilities of pure improvisation. No limits, no boundaries, no rules other than maintaining a certain tension, breathe, and connect with the harp and the ...
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