Blues? On a harp? Yes, and it works surprisingly well! On lever or pedal harp, electric or acoustic, solo or in a band. Come and listen, invite me to play or teach, or join the student squad.

Blues is my passion. I don’t know why, and I wasn’t brought up with it at all. It just makes me feel alive and it gets me moving.

Sometimes I feel out of place, as a white privileged woman with my odd-to-the-genre instrument . But mostly, while playing or listening, I will just experience the wholesomeness of this intense music and believe that everyone is allowed to feel and express this.

Most blues styles are not at all easy on an instrument with such limited chromatic possibilities, but that too is part of my journey, and I rejoice every time I learn to play something that I thought I couldn’t, and every time I find something that is actually surprisingly doable on the harp.

Do It Yourself

Would you like to learn to play in any of my featured styles? Have a look on my teaching page for more information.