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BTJ Lyrae produces house tracks based on recorded harp bytes, and performs by playing, and improvising over, house tracks by BTJ Lyrae, Tear of Joy and others. We create and play Deep House, Techno, and beyond.

HarpTraxx consists of DJ/producer Cristopher Michelangoli, aka Tear of Joy, originally from Italy, and harpist Brenda Dor-Groot, originally from The Netherlands, and sometimes welcome input from other musicians as well.

We perform house sets for events and specialised radio stations. We presented a workshop and played at the Harp Rave at the Wild Strings UKHA Jazz & Pop Harp Festival in Manchester in 2018, and will appear at the World Harp Congress in Cardiff in 2022 (postponed from 2020). We are currently expanding our repertoire of self produced tracks.

BTJ Lyrae approaches the production of a track by combining electronic sounds shaped by Cristopher with recorded bits of 'instant composed' harp playing on acoustic pedal harp, acoustic lever harp, and electric lever harp by Brenda, and sometimes recorded bass lines.
The resulting tracks can be played stand alone on electronic music sets by anyone, or we use them ourselves in a live setting and improvise with/on top of them together, on the harp and electronic devices.

Watch a video compilation of Cosmic Journey on or listen to some sound samples here:
HarpTraxx Soundcloud playlist

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