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HarpTraxx produces house tracks based on recorded harp bytes, and performs by playing, and improvising over, house tracks by HarpTraxx, Tear of Joy and others. We create and play Deep House, Techno, and beyond.HarpTraxx consists of DJ/producer Cristopher Michelangoli, aka Tear of Joy, originally ...
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Vision Improv is a musical love affair between a bassoon and a harp. Marieke voor de Wind (bassoon) and Brenda played together for the first time in 2008. Their instant musical connection and interplay made them realize what playing music actually meant to them, and how they could get closest to ...
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Harpzz is an eclectic harp duo, in which Brenda collaborates with fellow harpist Sabine Meijers.As they run the Jazz Harp Foundation together, jazz is naturally part of their repertoire. But they also enjoy tango and classical repertoire.They do like to present the harp with an original twist, like ...
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Brenda started playing harp at the age of 7.
At the Rotterdam Conservatory (nowadays called Codarts University of the Arts), where she started studying with Teresia Rieu when she was only 13, she developed a very solid base both technically and musically.
After graduating Bachelor in Music in 1998, Brenda received a grant to study in Germany with Prof. Helga Storck, where her performance skills and orchestra playing were brought to a higher level. This resulted in winning the auditions for both the European Union Youth Orchestra, and the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra in the Summer of 1999.
She concluded her classical training by returning to Codarts, where she refined her technique and musical sensitivity under the guidance of Godelieve Schrama.

Parallel to her classical music education, she already made some escapades to jazz harp by taking lessons and workshops with Park Stickney, Deborah Henson-Conant and Carrol McLaughlin. Since 2005, Brenda is actively involved in the world of jazz harp. Both in playing and in spreading the gospel: together with fellow harpist Sabine Meijers she founded and leads the international Jazz Harp Foundation.
Her journey continued into the field of free improvisation through the discovery of a strong and intuïtive musical connection with fellow musicians Marieke voor de Wind (bassoon) and Sietse van Gorkom (violin).

Currently, her main focus is blues and jazz, played solo or in a band, both on the lever harp (acoustic and solid body electric) and the pedal harp.
As a free lance musician, Brenda has the luxury to be able to integrate all the above mentioned genres into her professional life. At any given time, one might find her performing jazz in a classy combo, presenting the French impressionists in a recital, playing the blues at the corner jam, improvising with a bassoonist and a painter or a story teller or grooving with a DJ at a club or corporate event.

Brenda teaches general harp lessons with an emphasis on form and chord knowledge, solid ('French') technique and posture, as well as specialized blues and basis jazz harp lessons. With London, UK, as her current home base, she teaches workshops and co-organizes jazz harp jam sessions throughout the UK and abroad.

Brenda is an amateur violin and cello player, and mother of two boys who's cello and drum set are happily sharing the music room with her bunch of wood and a lot of strings ;)




The Jazz Harp Foundation is founded in 2007 by fellow harpist Sabine Meijers and myself, to advance jazz harp education and promote jazz harp worldwide. For more info, check
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Experience the harp up close and personal! Over the past years, I have enjoyed presenting the harp in private concerts to families, companies, rotaries, etc. A private concert can take place in your home, at an event location, a museum, a restaurant, etc. It can be presented as a whole like a ...
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Great for festivals, concerts and clubs: Jazz harp, in various combinations or solo the Real Blues Harp Band Violin&Harp Improvisations on beat based music the concepts of Vision Improv At request, solo recitals are possible as well, whether as a public or a private performance. I do ...
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Those who want to learn about the basics of jazz, blues and improvisation for harp are welcome for private lessons in my studio in London, UK, at Harp Studio Rotterdam in The Netherlands, or by Skype. I am available for more 'traditional' harp teaching as well. By this, I mean teaching technique ...
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A unique musical concept for your business event? Awe your guests with an original act? Contact BlueLuna for bookings: / +31 (0)346 250055
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